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Laurent Goldstein is a French photographer, art director, designer, author and film producer linving in Varanasi (Benaras – India).

Laurent was trained to be an architect and later became the designer and the art manager of several high fashion companies in Paris, London and Milan before he settled in India and launched Red Halo, an household linen label involving people living with difficulties.
Along the Ganges relationships with people are different and Laurent carries on this human adventure through photography extending his glance to the world and showing many aspects of Indian society sometimes deeply devoted to its traditions or on the contrary forward-looking.
His attempt to capture the soul of people allows him to show the inner beauty of those who cross his way.
Benares, the oldest living city in the world, became one of his favourite topic where in a kind of biblical set, he is introducing people who are most of the time wrapped in a state of grace.

The work of Laurent Goldstein is currently published and exhibited in several art galleries all over the world in order to sustain the Education of several children in Benaras and to support Human Rights organisation such as Guria.
Since a few years he is the author and the producer of movies and documentaries made for the same purpose.

His work is spontaneous and influenced by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Raghu Rai, Herbert List and photographers from the 19th century such as Samuel Bourne, Madho Prasad or Brajo Gopal Bromochary.


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Occupation: Photographer, Designer, Creative Director, Author, Producer

Place of residence: Varanasi, India

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