About David de Groot

David De Groot

43 years old - Born on July 15, 1974 - From: Cedar Creek

I've lived in various places around Australia, but always call Queensland (and in particular the Greater Brisbane area) home. Currently I'm living in the bush, north west of Brisbane, and working in the CBD.

I shoot just about anything, whatever takes my fancy really, but have a leaning towards wide angle landscape/cityscape and portraits (as I seem to be half decent at that).

I'm treating ipernity as a fresh start of sorts, so probably won't import photos over from flickr, and will probably maintain a presence over there due to the social network that I've developed over there.

Occupation: Network Administrator (Security)

Place of residence: Cedar Creek, Australia

I am currently here:


photography,bushwalking,nature,mountains,rainforests,old movies

Favorite movies and actors:

alfred hitchcock,humphrey bogart,jimmy stewart,grace kelly,bing crosby,cary grant,audrey hepburn,sean connery

Favorite books and authors:

terry pratchett,douglas adams,umberto eco,j.r.r. tolkien,guy gavriel kay,clive cussler,herge,tintin,asterix