About Claudette Psico

27 years old - Born on November 24, 1987 - From: Buenos Aires - Argentina

♥ About My Self ♥

Hello everybody! My name is Claudette and I´m the girl you see above. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1987 is my birth year and actually I am studying at the U.B.A university to be a psychologist. I love music and dancing, all forms of communication (Photography, Music, Literature, Movies, Forums) I like to hang out with friends and with my family. Love to travel, meet new people and learn new things. All the pictures you see here are of me are and taken by myself or by my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend we have been together for over two years now and from my point of view he is the greatest guy on earth. He treats me well and I do the same. I don´t have private photos so "Contacts" will see the same photos that "Friends" and "Family" contacts can see.

♥Claudette Psico is active on Flickr?♥
My original account on Flickr was deactivated. Apparently, they though I was uploading photos from the web, which is not the case as we all know. Unfortunately, once a Flickr account has been deactivated it cannot be reactivated. They do not keep back-ups of Flickr accounts and there is nothing they can do about it. They added 6 months of "pro" to my new account in order to repair their mistake in someway. But... the true is that all about the previous account is lost. The messages, the testimonial, the favorites... all of what we have done for the last three months was deleted and there is nothing we can do to reverse that situation. The only thing I can do is to start from zero once again. Sorry! In this opportunity I set all photos with the "Moderate" flag in order to avoid a new ban. But all the messages and testimonials wrote by my Flickr friends and/or users are gone. Same happens with the account's stats. In few words... I'm starting from zero. If you have links pointing to my previous account, please update them using the new one: www.flickr.com/people/claudette-psico/

♥ About My Back ♥

The scar on my back is fruit of an "Scoliosis" operation. Scoliosis is the lateral diversion of the column, accompanied of a vertebral rotation. In simple words: is when a person's spine curves from side to side. Statistically it appears with more frequency in the women (Especially among the 10 and 13 years) and 1 of every 4 cases presents family precedents. In my particular case, Doctors operated me when I was 14 years old and it was a horrible experience. Due to the fact that there was an early detection I was submitted only to one operation, but the postoperatory was long and difficult for me. At that time I was a 14 year old teenager and was pretty hard to face a surgery like this. But... thanks God I was very lucky and the only thing I have as sequel is the scar you can see on my back.

♥ About My Body ♥

A lot of people ask me about the exercises I do to keep my body in shape. The true is that I don´t do "exercises" because I do not go to any gym. In fact I never went to one in my entire life. What I do since I was a child is to practice swimming. It is something that fascinates me and I am going to continue doing it as long as I can. If I must go to the gym there would be very few exercices I could do because I can´t raise very much weight due to the operation that I had in my back. Swimming on the other hand is a different thing. But the truth is that I don´t practice swimming for the aesthetics aspect but because I enjoy the sport a lot. Among the 9 and 13 years I competed! But then came the curvature of the spineback, the diagnosis, the operation, the recovery and finaly, towards the ends of my 16 years, I could return to swim once again. It is obvious that I am never going to return to the amateur compete because I have even prohibited to throw myself to the water of head. But I can swim all the times I wants. Now I am going twice a week and in average I am two hours and a half in the water.

♥ About My Pics ♥

I don´t do explicit or pornographics photos. All my photos are uploaded in 2200x1650 pixels. If you see my gallery you will note that most part of my set is composed by erotic oriented photographies. Some of them are a bit more revealing that others, but no one is in the pornographic category. I don´t do dedicated photographies written the someone else name on my body, so please, don´t ask me to do that. All my photos are in my public area. I don´t have private photos for friends only. Feel free to enjoy them, favorite them, comment on them, Blog them... but remember they are my property so please... respect that.

♥ About My Camera ♥

All my pics were taken with a six Megapixels Samsung Digimax S600, except two of them wich were taken with my brother´s Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S650. Since I am in love with this hobby, I start to save some money to buy a better camera. I hope to get a DSRL type camera as some of you has recommended but they cost a lot here in Argentina so you will have to wait a bit to see a "better quality" you are asking for on my photographies. But don't worry because while I save some money to buy the Nikon, the Samsung will keep doing the job.

♥ About my "Friend List" ♥
Thanks for your interest in be my friend. Be noticed that all my pics are available for all users, no matters if you're listed as a "contact" or as a "friend". I add a user to my friend list only if he/she/they show a sincere interest in my streem. If you look at my friend list you will note that all of them are people who wrote at least one message on my pics. My friends are on my "friend list" because I have with them somekind of common interest. But they actually see the same number and type of photographies that any other Flickr user can see. If you're are still interested in be my friend, be nice and leave some messages and/or opinions below my pics and I will add you to my friend list.

♥ About Your Comments ♥
Please do leave comments if you like what you see, but keep them respectful when commenting on me. Feel free to say what you want to say about the photography (Light, composition, etc). But try to avoid the insulting phrases. We're here to have some fun by sharing photos and exchanging mails and opinions and not to denigrate and make feel the other users uncomfortable. I want to give a huge >>>THANK YOU<<< to the people who has wrote the lovely comments you can read below my pics. They inspire me to keep taking these kind of pics.

♥ About Favoriting My Photos ♥
There seems to be some people without photos in their account who are here just to collect other people works. If you are one of them, feel free to favorite my photos. But be in mind two things: 1-) Flickr is about share, not collect. So if you are going to enter in my Photostream to favorite several of my photos, please take a second to write at least a comment. At least you will share at least some words and opinions with the rest of the flickr´s members. 2-) Remember that I am a human being... so try to be polite when you write a messages in my pics.

♥ About Your Mails ♥
Please be patient with me! I'm doing the best I can to answer everyone. It´s truly a work to enter to Flickr and have tons of mails asking for something in particular and telling me "Please respond as soon as possible". It´s a pleasure to read what you have to say, But do not get angry if I do not answer immediately your e-mail.

♥ About Using My Pics in Your Blog ♥
If you want to use my pics in your blog, website, or forum... just drop me a mail and let me know at least where you think to upload them! My usual answer is "Yes, no problem!Go ahead!" I just will ask you to write clearly that the photos you´re using belongs to Claudette Psico. Pornographics and comercial "pay-per-view" websites are a different matter. I don't allow, under any circumstances, the use of my photos in this kind of websites. I'm a very open mind and peaceful person. I don't get angry easily because i always try to understan the other person point of view to resolve a problem or an issue. But, as I said before, they are my property. So please... don´t use them on pornographic website.

♥ More Info About Claudette ♥
If you want to know a bit more about me, you can a read an interview a website made to me. It's an Argentinean website called "BeautyBodies" which has been conceived to show the beauty of the feminine body caught by the lens of an amateur camera. The photos they publish will be sensual and erotic, but never pornographic. There, you will find an interview they do to me. If you're interested follow this link:
Claudette Psico: Beauty Interview

♥ About Claudette´s Previous pics ♥
Some of you were asking me if there are other pics of me besides this ones I am doing now for Flickr. The answer is yes. I´ve made a year ago 240 pics in low resolution. In fact these pics are my first experience in the amateur modeling. In that opportunity I divide the 240 pics in six set of 40 pics each one. I´m not going to upload that production on Flickr becuse is old and was done in low res. But if you feel really interested and want to see also those "early Claudette´s pics" I recommend you to follow these links:

♥ Users Videos ♥
There are several videos people has made using my pics. These videos are "slide show type" videos and they are musicalized. I choose two of them to share here with all of you, but if you search the web probably you will find that there are several more. If you want to use my pics to make your own video, feel free to do it. Here are the links of two of them:
Claudette Psico video made by Atlas Design
Claudette Psico video made by Max Power

♥ About My Country ♥
Argentina is a melting pot of different peoples, both autochthonous and immigrants. Citizens of European descent make up the great majority of the population, with estimates varying from white 86.4%[41] to 97%[42] of the total population. The last national census indicated that. Argentine culture has been primarily informed and influenced by its European roots. Buenos Aires, considered by many its cultural capital, is often said to be the most European city in South America, as a result both of the prevalence of people of European descent and of conscious imitation of European styles in architecture. Argentines are predominantly religious. Around 93% declare themselves Roman Catholic according to different surveys; the Church estimates an affiliation of 70%. The official language of Argentina is Spanish, usually called "Castellano" (Castilian) by Argentines. My Country has contributed many distinguished doctors, scientists, and inventors to the world. Five Argentines have won the Nobel Prize, including three Nobel Prize laureates in sciences (One for Chemistry and two for Medicine)

Well... I think it´s all. I hope you enjoyed my profile. Sorry for my English and... Kisses!

Claudette Psico

Place of residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am currently here: