About Cindy McKee

Cindy McKee

Cindy Moon McKee: I'm Usonian. Over the years, I've studied Spanish, American Sign Language, Hebrew, Esperanto and 5 minutes of Standard Mandarin.
Past high school, I studied Electronics Engineering Technology for 4 years. I’ve known and forgotten a couple programming languages. I home-schooled my kids. I taught myself how to play a few musical instruments and promptly forgot how. I've knitted, crocheted, tatted, quilted, braided rugs and made stained glass. I've gardened and canned and now you're bored stiff. So I won't even mention that I've taken a few online courses.


Linux, open source software, painting, drawing, gardening, the outdoors, cooking, writing, studying, learning, digital culture, free culture movement. Breathing in and out never fails to interest me.

Favorite music and artists:

R&B, blues, rock.

Favorite movies and actors:

I see very few good movies.

Favorite books and authors:

I grew up devouring science fiction.