About Ingo Kwiat

Ingo Kwiat

From: Heimat: Kalkar | Wohnort: Neckarsulm

my name: Ingo
or tafkawt
the artist formerly known as Wiki Tango

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Occupation: IT guy

Place of residence: Neckarsulm, Germany


photography, Judo, animals, nature, sailing, computerstuff, Science Fiction, vintage plastic cameras, old cameras, Polaroid

Favorite music and artists:

Queen, Roger Taylor, Pink Floyd, Police, Alanis Morissette, die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Bela B., Alan Parsons, Herbert Grönemeyer, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Cheap Trick, Pink, R.E.M., and 300 others...

Favorite movies and actors:

Blade Runner, Star Trek, Star Wars, StarGate, Star anything, Hellboy, most Tarantinos, Forrest Gump, last Samurai, Gattaca, Dr. House, ...and I really love CSI (all locations: Miami, Las Vegas, New York)

Favorite books and authors:

Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, Philip José Farmer, and a few more...