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Rick Tulka

I found the best café in Paris! Le Sélect. The faces at the Le Sélect are great to draw and there is an endless parade of them. I have been following this parade since 1995. It is pure magic. For this artist, there are no other cafés in Paris!

These pages will be dedicated to my Sélect drawings, but I will be posting other things from time to time.

In 2007 I co-authored a book with Noël Riley Fitch titled, "Paris Café: The Sélect Crowd."

Read about our book here.

It is on Amazon.com here.

Watch David Turecamo's piece on Le Sélect and me on CBS News Sunday Morning (2007) here.


For over 40 years, Rick Tulka's caricatures and humorous illustrations have appeared in numerous American and European magazines, newspapers and books. Tulka is a regular contributor to MAD Magazine and is proud to be one of "the usual gang of idiots." With his wife, Brenda, -- both New Yorkers -- he now happily lives in Paris.

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