About Dave Seargeant

Dave Seargeant

From: Middlesbrough

Me - I love the written word, the sound of music, the unspoken image, and life.

Place of residence: United Kingdom


Photography, Writing, Movies, Walking, Exercise...

Favorite music and artists:

Music from Movies, the 70's, 80's and 90's. I also enjoy some more modern stuff. Lets be honest, Music sets the mood of life, the mood of a movie and the creativity to think inside a space.

Favorite movies and actors:

So Many, from Bond, Star Wars, Batman (the Nolan years), Tarrantino, the more complex the plot the better.

Favorite books and authors:

Tolkien, Landy, Martin, Frank Herbert, Rowling, Nesbo, King - need I say much more than I read a lot, a hell of a lot. I also read self help manuals, management manuals and a variety of other factual stuff.