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  • New Flickr Survivors

    New Flickr Survivors

    A group for all the Flickr Members who left for Ipernity and of course the other also This is a general Group, but PLEASE NO NUDITY Banner by YaensArt from DeviantArt Stocks : Autumncheshire, Hyenacub-Stock, SolStock & LittleWhiteWitch, all from DA

  • New Deal

    New Deal

    Created 4 years ago

    The group will celebrate the era of Progressive US government created by the New Deal during the Great Depression of the 1930's. Photos should be of projects created by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Public Works Administration (PWA), and other agencies that were funded through the New Deal. Photos of New Deal work groups are also acceptable, though photos of projects are preferred. Items should be included in the group ONLY when there is clear e…

  • Ipernity Members Association Project

    Ipernity Members Association Project

    Created 9 months ago

    This is a group to inform all users of IPERNITY about the progress of the IMA project. All entries which support this concern, are very welcome. Other inputs will be removed by the admins without notice.