About David G Johnson club

David Johnson

From: Sheffield... UK.

Occupation: A firefighter of 32 years with Sheffield UK. fire service - now retired.


An amatuer interest in Astronomy - Cosmology.. the Universe... and the advances in technology to discover further.. and learn more makes it all the more fascinating.
Looking forward to - and hope I live long enough - to see the eventual launch of the 'James Webb' telescope.

Favorite music and artists:

'The Stones' - 'E.L.O' - 'Elton' - 'Rod' - 'Hans Zimmer' - 'Vangelis' -

Favorite movies and actors:

Not a film fan....but if anything - ''The quiet man'' with 'John Wayne' - 'Maureen O'Hara' and 'Victor McLaglen' purely for a rip roaring story with a huge amount of non stop dialogue.

Favorite books and authors:

'Carl Sagan' - 'Neil deGrasse Tyson' - 'Stephen Hawking' - 'A brief history of time'