About ZIPP: Mountains and Ocean

My albums show mostly nature and landscape photos, taken on hikes, climbs and trips by road, kayak, float plane and other means.

I am a PANORAMIO - REFUGEE, and I am still busy with rebuilding what GOOGLE neglected and eventually destroyed on 2016-11-05.

Basicly, I just created more or less copies of the (tag-driven) albums I had on Panoramio.

Existing geotags from PANO survived the transition only, if they had been stored as EXIF data.

Regular tags got lost entirely, as did the cross-links between my albums, and the many links I had set for various WIKIs.

So far, I recreated some of that data and plan to follow up with more, whenever I find the time and energy to do it.

If you are planning any travel to places shown in my albums and have some questions: feel free to ask. But don't expect an immediate answer - I might be somewhere remote, without web access.

Happy Viewing and thanks for your visit!

PS: a few albums accidentally contain images with reduced resolution. Will be fixed...
And the most recent albums (Alaska and Yukon) still require A LOT OF pruning and editing (may take a while...).

Occupation: IT