About Andy Rodker club

From: Chesterfield, UK

Teaching Business English to senior executives in Madrid. Before that 30 years in Financial Services in London. Strong family ties to Cornwall. I didn't own a camera or a camera phone between 1982 and 2011 so all my shots are of Cornwall and Spain, the only two places I have been since then!

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Occupation: Business English teacher


Mountains (rock-climbing many years ago, now scrambling and walking).
Music, especially classical
Wine, so Spain ain't a bad place to be!
Cooking (from all over the World)
the origins of the enlightenment
current affairs
Many sports: cricket my favourite - a problem here in Madrid! :o(, tennis, football, and rugby. Since living in Madrid, my girlfriend has introduced to me to basketball (she has a close relative who is a famous Real Madrid star).

Favorite music and artists:

Classical from Bach to Sibelius, especially Mozart and Schubert
Jimi Hendrix
Marvyn Gaye
Paco de Lucia
Janis Joplin
Miles Davis
early 70s soul/funk/jazz fusion

Favorite movies and actors:

Not a film buff, but favourite films include Local Hero, Blade Runner and, as a child, Fantasia.

Favorite books and authors:

Too many to list, but anything by Bill Bryson and compendiums of articles by the late great Bernard Levin. I also find congenial the writings of Salvador de Madariaga.