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Rod Burkey

From: Liverpool.

In these times of sadness and crisis I hope you all keep safe and wear a smile. Here on Ipernity we have the chance to share our best and most precious pictures which can help to take our minds off the current state of the world caused by the pandemic. Photography is something we all can share, spreading a little love and joy through what we see and capture with our lenses.

I have Enjoyed photography since my first Pentax, an SLR bought in 1970. It was a great antidote for what was for me a demanding and stressful job.

Digital photography made it all so much easier, but getting rid of my enlarger, chemicals and all the darkroom kit was hard, a bit like losing old friends. My wife was delighted! No more chemical fumes oozing out of a blacked out room, which became and still is a study. For me photography has been great fun and an escape at times from reality. Long may it be so

I don't have a distinctive photographic style. I just enjoy taking pictures of anything that interests me. My life and interests are illustrated in my images. My love of my home city is pretty obvious.

All feedback is more than welcome, as I'm always open to opinions. Feedback is so inspiring.

My favourite photographers include Don McCullin, Diane Arbus, Martin Parr, Heather Angel, Steven Shakeshaft, Jane Bown, John Swannell Dorothy Bohm, and many more.

Occupation: Happily retired from the automative industry.


Travel, swimming, history, wildlife, garden birds, attending the theatre and concerts covering a wide range of music, dining out, vintage Rock n Roll, and trying not to act my age too often. I'm a life member of CAMRA. My wife and I are members of the National Trust which makes us explore our lovely country. I am not often on the other side of the lens and I feel more comfortable looking through the lens than at it. There is no porn in my images. My wife and I are nudists and love the feeling of liberation it brings. It has also brought us many good friends, lovely people we would never have met otherwise. Everyone should have at least one skinny dip!,

Social media is totally lost on me. This is the nearest I get to it. I have no interest in telling the world and his dog what I had for breakfast or reading the same from other people. Maybe it's just an age thing, and if that's the case, I'm okay with feeling not a bit left out.

Favorite music and artists:

Rock 'N' Roll, Classical, and anything that strikes me at the time. Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Bonnie Raitt, Enya, Bo Diddley and a host of others. Gritty guitar sounds hit the spot with me. All most welcome company in the car radio and CD player.

Favorite movies and actors:

Stephen Graham, Dustin Hoffmann, Sheridan Smith, Jeff Bridges, Kate Winslett, Brian Cox...
Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, As Good As It Gets, 10 Rillington Place, Badlands.

Favorite books and authors:

Schindler's Ark, Birdsong, Day of the Triffids, Last of the Mohicans, all had a great impact on me at formative times in my life. I also admit to really enjoying Steven King novels, especially whilst chilling out on holiday. Sebastian Faulks has also caught my imagination.