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Hello everybody!

I started only recently taking pictures AND sharing them.
Never really expected to someone like them, but hey, I've got visits. Not too many but ok.
I bought myself a CANON 400D then a 40D and now a 7D, now expanding my equipment bit by bit.
I am working on a ship which takes me all over northern Europe.

I like my job, even though it makes relationships or a family life difficult.

Something else I enjoy very much is the good old cinema and - more profane - Movies on DVD. I have a website dedicated to that (in german).
[EDIT] taken down due to outdated technology.

Thanks for visiting my virtual place!
Big part is F&F for several reasons.

Occupation: Captain on a ship


Movies, Movieposters, Movie-Memorabilia, Computers, Photography,

Favorite music and artists:

Soundtracks (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner...) Wir sind Helden, Juli, HRK, Dixie Chicks, Mike Oldfield, und vieles Andere Mehr...

Favorite books and authors:

Ich habe Herr der Ringe NICHT gelesen