Thiago Machado's docs with the keyword: DX

9965 Voice of Russia

Voice of Russia, portuguese transmission from 2319-2355 of 2010/08/08.

13362 AFRTS 2009 10 12 0613-0630

American Forces Radio and Television Service from Guam on the Frequency 13362 kHz heard at Brasilia, Brazil

Cordoba Radio - 8952 kHz USB

Transmissão de VOLMET em 20/Aug/2009

1510 kHz WLAC 06/SEP/2008

WLAC from Nashville, TN, USA, listened at Brasilia, Brazil on 06/SEP/2008 0502 UTC on the frequency 1510 kHz, certainly one of my favourites DX experiences. Listened only with the ferrite antenna of my Degen DE1103, inside home.

11092 kHz 2007 Radio Santa Helena Day

2007 Radio Santa Helena Day, on 15/DEC/2007. Listened at Brasilia, Brazil. Sorry for the bad SSB setting, just because the DE1103 SSB fine tunning is never on the same position for long.

4990 Radio Apintie 2008 05

Rádio Apintie em 4990 kHz, transmitindo de Paramaribo, Suriname, ouvida em Brasilia-DF, Brazil em maio/2008 aproximadamente as 02:20 UTC.