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21780 kHz Deutsche Welle

Recorded on 2011/AUG/07 at 1720 kHz

6135 kHz Radio Santa Cruz

Football match between Oriente Petroleros and Blooming, recorded on 07/AUG/2011 around 22h UTC.

6135 kHz Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia recorded on 6135 kHz on 2011/jun/14 01h05 UTC.

4996 kHz RWM Moscow

Russian Time Signal Station, recorded on 2011/apr/24 02h09 UTC.

6586 New York Radio KLM785

Contacted: KLM785 Recorded on 15/feb/2011 0109UTC

11366 Flex Radio 2011 02 16 0209

Recorded on 16/fev/2011 at 0209 UTC.

17765 kHz R. Canada Intl. Portuguese

2010-01-02/2045UTC in Portuguese, Program Canada Direto, special.

6080 kHz R. Daqui, Goiania, Brazil

Radio Daqui, Goiania-GO, Brazil on 2010-01-02 1908UTC.

11735 kHz R. Transmundial (AtividadeDX)

Programa Atividade DX 2011-01-02 1821UTC on Radio Transmundial Ulisses Galleti segment.

17715 kHz R. Exterior de Espana Portuguese

Portuguese service of Radio Exterior de Espana on 17715 kHz (2010-12-29 1830 1855)

11880 kHz - Radio Philippines

At 0200 UTC, english service to middle east.

15640 kHz - BBC & DW DRM

Deutsche Welle transmission around 1805 UTC on 15640 kHz DRM in English for Europe.

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