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  • 2020-02-07 Newsflash

    - February  7, 2020
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) The Insert media function in the blog editor works again . From now on embedded video and audio files can even be played without Flash Player . (Please note that the maximum blog length is about 60,000 characters. This corresponds to about 40 manuscript standard pages. Longer articles should be subdivided - also with respect to reader-friendliness.) 2) The image processing with PicMonkey also works again . The temporary failure was a…

  • 2020-01-10 Newsflash

    - January 10, 2020
    Alexa Rank ipernity as of January 9, 2020
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) For playing video or audio files, ipernity has meanwhile been upgraded to modern, secure HTML5 elements. However, at this time, files embedded in blogs do still need Adobe Flash Player. 2) While this modernization went off without a hitch, another one had an unexpected side effect: In the blog editor, the “Insert a media” option no longer gives access to your content. Until this bug is fixed we recommend an alternative method . We apolog…

  • Registration Procedure for IGA

    - February  6, 2020
    [EN] Dear Member of Ipernity Members Association, This article describes the procedure to follow to participate in the annual General Assembly of the Association. Since the Ipernity General Assembly (IGA), is held under French law, some legal requirements must be met, which have been specified by our legal adviser. It is mainly a question of proof of identity to guarantee the principle of "one person, one vote". In order to attend and vote in the meeting we require a short email registra…

  • 2019-03-01 Invitation to Ipernity General Assembly 2019 (IGA2019)

    - March  1, 2019
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) Seasonally fitting I welcome the visitors to our homepage from today with the spring pictures you provided. I thank you for your involvement! 2) As of today 38 Club members and 18 "free" users have already committed themselves financially for the reprogramming of ipernity. The sum of the paid contributions meanwhile amounts to 6,338 EUR (21% of the required starting capital). 3) The ima team has now defined a strategic guideline fo…