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abandoned . .

abandoned . .
- empty & for sale by the side of the highway
- sad looking if not for the blue sky
- perhaps somebody
- sometime
- will make this a lively place
- cropped/framed/watermark

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Added on August  6, 2013

Tranquil ..

Tranquil ..
" - free from agitation of mind or spirit -
- free from disturbance or turmoil "
Definition from Websters Dictionary -
- the City Pier is in the distance, as is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
- Sea Oats swaying in the breeze
- peaceful moment
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Added on July 14, 2013

The Show -

The Show -
Holmes Beach
Anna Maria Island, FL USA
- The Show needs no help from me
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Added on July 12, 2013

drive-by shroom --

drive-by shroom --
.. drive by mushroom
.. sun and shadows
.. shades of green
.. wild hues of brown
.. cropped/watermark/frame in PicMonkey
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Added on July 11, 2013

go away -

go away -
.. guess he was hunting
.. watching for movement in the grasses
.. in the field below him
.. didn't think I was bothering him
.. Crows and Mockingbirds were chattering away
.. on either side of him
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Added on July  9, 2013

Light blue . .

Light blue  . .
- a sea of Blue Daze ----- Rainbow Building group - light blue --
- starting a growth spurt from the rains
- these spread, but stay low to the ground
- blue and green do go together !
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Added on July  2, 2013

Woosh ! Colors 044

Woosh ! Colors 044
..swirl of colors
..table Christmas decorations
..soft, Seasonal palette

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Added on December  9, 2009

Supper #2

Supper #2
.. for me, this is a feast !

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Added on February 25, 2009

Love these people!

Love these people!
let the grass grow ..
all kinds of delicacies in here!
so far, I'm alone ..
none of the group has noticed that I took off on my own ..
maybe it will stay that way ..
having all those leggy, pecking creatures around cramps my style..
know what I mean?

© A…
Added on July 29, 2010

May your life be filled ..

May your life be filled ..
with dance ..

may your dance be filled with life ..

in Plant City, Florida ..
Bal-Hepsi Troupe dancer ..

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AA233 - Life ! Archive Airings
Added on February  4, 2018

Up ....

Up ....
Up in those branches ..
Letter 'U' for the Alphabet Site ..

had a great conversation with this old pine...

just seemed so appropriate for this old, gentle, stately Pine..

I came back the next day & we continued our conversation..
the he-tree, Mr Pine,…
Added on October 27, 2009

Cheery yellow-orange Bulbine -

Cheery yellow-orange Bulbine -
-from University of Florida website:

" This South African native is a perfect perennial for Florida since it tolerates hot temperatures, dry and sandy soils, and blooms throughout the warm months.

Bulbine has become a popular plant in…
Added on August  7, 2010

A Bench with a view ...

A Bench with a view ...
seated on the bench in the NE corner, so many shades of green greet the eyes ...
Society Garlic with dainty blossoms high in the air..
Indian Hawthorne - not blooming yet ..
Vinca of pink ..
Miniature Gardenia ..
beautiful yellow flowers(got to find out t…
Added on August  3, 2010

Special place for story telling...

Special place for story telling...
Thise would be a wonderful place to tell the stories in "Grandfather Tales"..
Moss blowing in the breeze..
Pull up a blanket..
No flashlights..
Get your best 'story-telling' voice ready...
Ooo.. the tales we could tell !

©SD All Righ…
Added on August  3, 2009

Go ! At least ...

Go !  At least ...
you can leave me with some dignity ..

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Added on April  4, 2010

Before shot ...

Before shot ...
this will be gone ..
the landscaper came by on Friday ..
we have more ideas now ..
instead of just nuking the whole thing ..
still some good areas of St Augustine grass to keep ..
but, the weeds have got to go ..
went out this morning & hand pulled a lot…
Added on April  3, 2010

Purple against blue ...

Purple against blue ...
the purple leaves & buds of this ..
Red Shield Hibiscus ..
become even more intense ..
with a Florida blue sky background ..

^cropped for size only

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Added on December  2, 2009

Canopy ...

Canopy ...
over this street ..
created by large, old Camphor trees..
planted years & years ago lining this street ..
as well as an adjoining one ..
this always takes my breath away !

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Added on November 30, 2009