Peggy C's photos with the beneath a Dogwood tree

.. the last Orange one

.. the last Orange one
of this year -
three layers of beauty, Kwanso Daylily -
has bloomed continuously since 28 June to 24 July -
always one new flower -
but usually in clusters -
a real trooper -
almost drought conditions -
no bother -
welcome raindrops, tho, are a delight -…
Added on July 26, 2014

.. layers of beautiful orange Kwanso

.. layers of beautiful orange Kwanso
- had a great description here
- hit the wrong key
- poof
- gone !
- so, just count the petals [ wrong name I know ]
- will go give it a Daylily physical
- on the hunt for stamen/pistil parts
- this evening when it starts to close up

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Added on June 29, 2014

.. am new here

.. am new here
Soft orange Daylily .. Update: per Dave's Garden site, this is a Kwanso variety, not fully open. There are three layers when open and this lasts longer than one day .. so, is it still a Daylily or a Day+ lily ?

throat of yellow with darker orange/re…
Added on June 28, 2014