Peggy C's photos with the darkness


even in darkness ..

there is light..

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Added on October 19, 2015

darkness . .

darkness  . .
on the old wall -

searching -

fingers of cold -

weathered bricks shrink to avoid -

yet, they were placed -
many years ago -
by steady hands -

it was a useful place -
but, now -
only part is used -

sought -
enveloped -
by shadows of black -
dark -…
Added on January 30, 2014

simplicity . .

simplicity . .
- branch silhouetted against the sky
- nothing fancy
- but there are twists and turns
- curves in the darkness
- against a tinted sky

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Added on September 18, 2012

Got an angle? Well, a few .. got more curves -

Got an angle?  Well, a few .. got more curves -
always look up ..
as important as looking down ..
don't want to miss anything !

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Added on July 22, 2010

The Den of Viburnum ...

The Den of Viburnum ...
enter if you dare ..
Added on April 15, 2010

Thoughts running deep ..

Thoughts running deep ..
reading some Sufi Principles today, and these jumped off the page ..

Project 52

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Added on February 24, 2010

Hot days...

Hot days...
mean the rain will come..
waterbirds just before the rains gets serious !
shadow clouds mask a blue sky ..

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Added on August  6, 2009

Darkness, yet light...

Darkness, yet light...
Dragon Fruit of the Night Blooming Cereus (Queen of the Night) ...
when it is open ..
one understands the name ..
beauty comes in many ways ..
as does light and the darkness nearby ..

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Added on April 30, 2009

Out of darkness..

Out of darkness..
energies float... they are on the way to whomever is in need... reach up, my Friend.. pluck one from the atmosphere.. it is for you.. it will go where you go..put it in your pocket.. when you touch it again, it is renewed.

Om shanti..

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Added on March  1, 2009

Looking up..

Looking up..
in a local Greek restaurant..
Added on February  6, 2009

Suspended in air....

Suspended in air....
lighted decorations on side of an office building give the illusion of being suspended in the darkness of night....
Added on December 27, 2008