Roger (Grisly)'s photos with the Cloud

Large Storm

Large Storm
The light that comes between storms as the next one rolls down the glen with the River Sligachan already swollen and fast running .
Difficult conditions for photography but very rewarding when it works,
View large for full effect please.

A favourite Si…
Added on October 26, 2018

Misty Top

Misty Top
Sligachan bridge and the cloud topped Glamaig 775m (2,543ft) , This is the northernmost of the Red Hills and one of only two Corbetts on the Isle of Skye. The higher surfaces are almost all of scree.
Legend says that from the enchanted waters under the br…
Added on November  2, 2018

Just One Sheep, HFF

Just One  Sheep, HFF
Looking across to the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye,

Better large please.

For Sight and Sound Group, In this remote and silent place you can hear the vegetation quietly talk,
Added on October  4, 2018

Storm !

Storm !
Ballachulish Bridge across Loch Linnhe as a storm arrives, Scorr Dhonuill (1001m) and Scorr Dhearg (1025m) hiding in the gloom,

This bridge replaced the little ferry featured in a previous image

Large Please
Added on September  9, 2018

Downstream HFF

Downstream HFF
Looking downstream as the River Coupall flows down to join the River Etive then into Loch Etive and onward to the sea.

Large may be good.

Link for Sight and Sound, Neil Young's song Down by the river,

May not have mu…
Added on June 11, 2018

Into the Light, HFF.

Into the Light, HFF.
Looking into the late afternoon light of Rannoch Moor from the dark of Glencoe,

Sorry it's a little dark but viewing large may help,

Link for Sight and Sound is the ultimate Super Group, The Traveling Wilburys , Heading for the light,…
Added on June  7, 2018

Afternoon Sky

Afternoon Sky
Late afternoon clouds Northumberland,
Building on the right is Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat Station.

The link for Sight and Sound, "See the Sky about to Rain"
Added on April  1, 2018

Oh Bouy

Oh Bouy
Loch Carron, Stromferry, Highland.

Please view large

For sight and Sound, the obvious link
Added on March  6, 2018

The Peace of Loch Carron

The Peace of Loch Carron
The telephone box leans and the post box appears to be full while both shelter under a a Rowan tree,

May be worth trying large,

Link for sight and sound, A wonderful track by Bruce Cockburn, Outside a broken phone booth,…
Added on December 14, 2017

Storm Front.

Storm Front.
Loch Scavaig and the storm covered Cuillin on the Isle of Sky as the bright sunlight which will soon be engulfed by the storm catches the white of the boat, This also illustrates why Skye is known as the Misty Isle,
This is a trip boat waiting to moor at…
Added on April  4, 2018