dsglass' photos with the TSC

TSC: stones

crazy lace agate
Added on August 24, 2015

TSC: chairs

Apparently, people jump out of these chairs and fling themselves down the mountain at high speeds, in the cold snow, on purpose. For fun.

Top of the ski area at Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ETA: Just to be clear, I did *not* r…
Added on August 17, 2015

TSC: fences
Added on May 23, 2015

TSC: abstract nature
Added on May 31, 2015

TSC: through-the-window drive-by shooting

That was fun! :) I didn't have any passenging opportunities this week, so I drove around for an afternoon with one hand holding a toy camera out the window... This was a multiple-exposure, both around Union S…
Added on June 13, 2015

TSC: vanishing point
Added on June 30, 2015

TSC: in the garden

I don't have a garden, but I did spend the day in a park... Ripe purple prickly pears. If I *did* have a garden (and lived in a desert) I'd totally grow these...
Added on July 26, 2015

TSC: white balance

Changing the white balance to "shade" gives everything an almost golden-hour glow in the middle of the afternoon, and makes the storm look even stormier. :) Acoma pueblo, standing at the edge of the mesa looking out across the deser…
Added on July 19, 2015

TSC: perspective

Staring down the tracks.
Added on June 21, 2015

fluffy clouds

fluffy clouds
TSC: favorite songs

Little Fluffy Clouds

Long exposure at the beach.

[press play, hit Z, and enjoy the music :) ]
Added on June  6, 2015

TSC: front page news

The TARDIS doesn't always take the Doctor where he wants to go; sometimes she sends him where he needs to be. And he really needed that cup of tea...

In other news, those were seriously good biscotti.

[hit Z for the rest of the st…
Added on May 16, 2015

TSC: high key

(b&w version in the notes)
Added on May  4, 2015

TSC: what's left

There used to be two (or possibly three?) other sets of train tracks running through here, unused long enough for a forest to grow over it (this last one is (not very, but still) active) - the tree in the first note is from november. N…
Added on April 26, 2015

TSC: looking down

Riding down the (seriously long) escalator at the Porter Square subway station.

(the escalator is apparently 143' (~43.5m) long; the lower tracks are 105' (~32m) below street level)

(best on black; another trip down the escalator in…
Added on April  4, 2015

TSC: windows
Added on March 29, 2015

TSC: doors
Added on March 22, 2015

TSC: leading lines
Added on March 15, 2015

TSC: trees

Yellow bird (western tanager?) in a green tree.

The trees around here are still all grey and bare, poking out of mountains of dirty snow; so for this challenge I travelled back in time a couple of weeks to Arizona, where the desert was warm a…
Added on March  2, 2015