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it's all right in front of you.
I wouldn't change that for anything.
Added on December 14, 2010


where's our delivery? he's overdue.
just coming in now. and it ain't a he.
whaddya mean it ain't a he? then what is it?
it's a she. definitely a she.
a she? a she is making the delivery?
all the way across the lake. hard to believe.
what are those guys ov…
Added on September 22, 2010

the good student

the good student
I'm ready for my lesson.
what lesson is that?
sand writing, of course.
right. that lesson.
well, you said it can only be learned without clothes.
I said that?
and I believed you.
as you should, at all times.
Added on March  5, 2010

my turn

my turn
wanna rub my back, sweetie?
sure darlin'.
like that?
like that.
Added on December 25, 2008

the divine

the divine
do you ever pray?
I've been praying since I got here.
lotta good it'll do you.
well it can't hurt, can it?
Added on January 22, 2009


well that was totally delicious.
that's funny, I didn't know you liked cat food.
what? you told me it was tuna!
well, I'm sure there was some of that in there too.
ok, then you lick my fingers.
I thought you'd never ask.
Added on February 20, 2009