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Bah! Humbug to you, too! - 5 years ago

I know...many of you are anti-Christmas, don't believe in any baby born over two thousand years ago to save Mankind from its sins, don't cotton to the commercializing of a supposed religious holiday, are disgusted by the abject capitalist greed of the whore-mongers (Good word, isn't it? *chuckles*) who would sell their souls and yours for a buck, hate that the downtrodden and despairing are forgotten at this time of year, abhor the terrible toll on human life, in the form of suicides and…

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Updated on: December  1, 2012.

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Tori Vita
Tori Vita
3 years ago.
Tori Vita
Tori Vita
sending u a smile.. how u coming around?
4 years ago.
 photo 4b857f2f-9de0-40cc-be50-0665eba459ab_zps3feb0fdb.jpg

Hope you are doing great, Honey....
Miss hearing from you!!! Hope all is well with you!!

5 years ago.
 photo 451b00b4.jpg

249011_226541834129193_726579029_n photo 249011_226541834129193_726579029_n.jpg

Have a wonderful night honey!!..I'm sorry I had not been here...
my computer blew up again and I had to wait until the hubby worked on it.
so I will be on here more often now!!

Got my old one back!!! **KATA**

10 inches of snow...really blows!!!
5 years ago.
Tori Vita
Tori Vita
me? never working hard..chilling in the sun..wink! how are u? how are things progressing at home?
5 years ago.


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