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The comment to which the link refers to has been deleted.
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Merci de votre cordiale visite. Vous êtes toujours le bienvenu, Yves.
2 weeks ago.
Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
Olà Yves boa tarde!
2 days ago.
Yves Courtemanche
Yves Courtemanche
Merci beaucoup Maria et bonne après-midi aussi !
47 hours ago.
Jan Klimczak
Jan Klimczak
I have sad news!
Regards. Jan
42 hours ago.
Henk Dijkstra Groningen
Henk Dijkstra Gronin…
How to get all your pictures back!!!!!>First (Firefox>DownThemAll downloaden)> than Albums>Tools>Album downloaden>Download.metalink and open with DownThemAll!
40 hours ago.

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