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Updated on: March  1, 2014.

Vyritsa 2013, album created on May  2, 2013

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My Vyritsa, album created on August 19, 2012

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My Shack, album created on August 17, 2012

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Log or 28.07.2014 - 4 years ago

Log for 28.07.2014: 18.25 utc, 15.180 kHz, BBC, in french, good signal 18.28 utc, 15.190 kHz, Radio Pilipinas, in english, medium signal 18.30 utc, 17.860 kHz, Deutsche Welle, in hausa, good signal 18.32 utc, 15.360 kHz, KBS World Radio, in russian, good signal 18.34 utc, 12.005 kHz, Voice of America, in amharic, medium signal 18.36 utc, 11.955 kHz, Adventist World Radio, in arabic, good signal 18.42 utc, 11.945 kHz, Radio Japan, in japanese, medium signal 18.44 utc, 11.760 kHz, Radio…

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35 years old. Born on January 11, 1984.

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worlddx has replied to Zach Liang
Thank you very much! PS. You may add me by marking as "friend", by clicking "Add worlddx to your contacts?" on my page.
6 years ago.
Zach Liang
Zach Liang
HI and spasiba for the joint !
6 years ago.

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