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Lith G update 2016, album created on January 24, 2016

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Lith G, album created on April  6, 2015

I am working on a new developer for a 2nd tray after lith developers. The resulting hue is depending on the paper, exposure and settings of the two developers. Reddish tones may occur with some older papers, such as Record Rapid, Brovira, Portriga, Kentona, Forte Warmtone or Guilleminot and with all currently available Fomatone papers. Bromide papers react less colorful, however such papers might be used with this treatment in order to affect the tonal range. Mixing of working solutions: water 1…

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Copper sulfate bleach for 2nd pass lith and thiourea toning. - 5 years ago

Contrary to a ferricyanide/bromide bleach, the copper bleach doesn´t start in the highlights. At bright room light the mid tones fade first, after a while the deep shadows and last of all the highlights after a stage of solarization in between. Even with bleaching at darkroom light, some papers like Fomatone 131 or Forte Polywarmtone solarize in the bleach, or later during redevelopment. Fomatone 131, 2nd pass lith Select VC matt (PW15), 2nd pass lith Select VC m…

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Schöne Feiertage und alles Gute im Neuen Jahr - LG :-)
3 years ago.
wenn auch etwas verspätet - alle Gute zum Geburtstag !
LG :-)
3 years ago.
Wolfgang Moersch
Wolfgang Moersch
Thank you! As every day I am playing in the darkroom - always enjoyable :-)
3 years ago.
wishing you a Happy Birthday today, hope it is most enjoyable for you ;-) Bev
3 years ago.
Rg Sanders
Rg Sanders
I'm learning a lot from you about treatment. Thanks. If Holga was capable of using your work as example they would fetch a much higher premium for their product

You make a point about the tool in the hands of a master. I believe it was the great Jazz-man , Charlie Parker", who played one of his greatest sets on a borrowed plastic saxophone
4 years ago.

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