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Butterflies, moths, dragonflies etc, album created on May 29, 2013

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Moss, album created on May 25, 2013

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Walks, wildflowers etc, album created on July  7, 2013

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A few words of explanation re the Exmoors - 8 years ago

I thought it might be good to explain why I have so many exmoor ponies lurking in my hard drive, even if I've not got around to transferring the herd over here yet! However - before I get to them there is the tale (or maybe the tails) of 3 Border Colies to tell! I've always enjoyed walking and over the years have been accompanied canine companions - and yes, always BCs! Meg, our first, arrived within 3 months of us getting married. She was the most obedient and biddable dog you could ever…

  • duality!

    - May 28, 2013
    Much as I'm enjoying the dual spaces and really liking the presentation of images etc here.. I'm soooooo far behind on keeping up to date with friends!! The busyness of life has kind of intervened a bit here with visitors - rabbit, parrot and also MiL for a week.. but I'll get up to speed soon and rather than regret that there are not enough hours in the day ;o) I'm just going to enjoy the good things when I can, and keep on weeding out my hard drive and process the latest images and po…

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 Janano -
Janano - club
Thanks for popping by Tricia. Have not seen you for ages

Hope the ponies are well
6 years ago.
 Tricia Gibson
Tricia Gibson
Thank you Peter!
and thanks for the invite Kathleen :)
6 years ago.
 Kathleen Thorpe
Kathleen Thorpe club
Welcome to Trails.
6 years ago.
Puchinpappy club
Thanks for your visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your gallery. I will be return.
7 years ago.
 Datkan Anders
Datkan Anders
hello tricia
7 years ago.

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