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Bear Feast - 9 years ago

Köyhät Ritarit & Primo: The Bear Feast - a musical drama on ancient Finnish themes 1. The Bear Is Born (4'35) 2. Hunting the Bear (1'10) 3. The Homeward Journey (3'40) 4. Greetings (4'35) 5. The Feast (6'40) (20'40) Side 2 6. A Song Praise of Beer (2'55) 7. The Hunter Brags (0'30) 8. The Inraged Bear (1'50) 9. The Bear's Bride (2'50) 10. Reconcialtion beetween the Bear and The Hunter (2'17) 11. Bear Dance (2'44) 12. The Feast Is Over (4'04) 13. Hanging The…

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Hello, Tim ! J’ai des problèmes avec un clavier filaire Apple déréglé. Les touches répondent difficilement. La frappe est devenue très dure et lente : plusieurs minutes pour ce petit message. Excuse mon silence !!!

Christ est ressuscité !
3 years ago. Edited 23 months ago.
Thanks to accept me in your group, my friend !

7 years ago.
Pierre Bigot
Pierre Bigot
Merci de ta visite
7 years ago.
8 years ago.
Thanks for your kind comments , I check your pics and Music later ,,, a lot to explore
9 years ago.

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