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Updated on: October  1, 2009.

Merlo, setiembre 2009, album created on October  1, 2009

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Potrerillos, 02 agosto 2009, album created on September 25, 2009

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Los enanos, album created on September 25, 2009

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Tobogán caserito

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Place of residence: Mendoza, Argentina

40 years old. Born on April 20, 1978.

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Stephan Ale Mendez


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Silvana Taramasco
Silvana Taramasco
Feliz Cumple Tigus....Que los astros te acompañen en tu día.....

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8 years ago.
Hi tigus,

hope everything is well and you had a nice christmas with your family! :-)
8 years ago.
Hi Stephan, so long!
Yes, "daddy" again! We are very happy with the new member of the family, is a beatiful baby. Born on February 16 last. We have the three crazy!
9 years ago.
Hola Tigus,

you became a "daddy" once more? Congratulations! :-)
9 years ago.
tigus has replied to Stephan
Hi Stephan!
True, long ago entered ipernity, but I am going to remain a member of this community :) .
Thank you for your new welcome!
If all goes well, will soon surprises with new photos.
Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina.
(Translate by google :) )
9 years ago.

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