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Updated on: October  9, 2007.

Friendly Phenomena, album created on July 24, 2007

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Self, album created on July 24, 2007

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Flora, album created on June 25, 2007

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What happens when you die

A conversation in a parking garage between my friends Michael, Yuriy, my boyfriend Paul, and me. I shot this. - See all videos
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Experimental Theater Gone Awry: The Fringe Festival - 9 years ago

Each year at the end of summer there is a theater fesitval called 'The Fringe Festival'. The peformances are hit or miss.... mostly "miss", unless you can rely on a few trusted sources. For example, I saw a very good play on Saturday night, and a hilarious drag queen performance last Thursday. But in the past, I've been subjected to a few torturous performaces... and last night was one of those nights. (Intro note: The creator/actor of the performance had recently served a prison sentenc…

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Blue voyage
Blue voyage
Hi my friend...
I like to invite you to visit Dream Group...
where you can see dreamly shots... This Group is your group...
"you are welcome"
8 years ago.
Blue voyage
Blue voyage
Hi...i like your shots...all of them are wonderful...
8 years ago.
Our new photocontet: "The bends". Please join us!
9 years ago.
very good stuff here. love it.
9 years ago.
wicked images..unique eye...thx..i'll be back
9 years ago.

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