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Updated on: March 31, 2017.

GIFF, album created on February  1, 2011

Photos taken during the Gothenburg International Film Festival (GIFF) 2011.

To Söderköping and Östragotland, album created on July 11, 2010

In June my wife and I took a 4 day car trip to look for the late middle ages in Östragötland (East Gothland). Our base of operations was Mangelgården, the Youth Hostel (STF Vandrarhem) in Söderköping. These are a small selection (believe me a small selection) of the pictures we took.

Lilac time at Färjenäs, album created on June 12, 2010

Färjenäs (Ferry Head in English) is a district of Gothenburg that began life as a country suburb of the city. It was swallowed by the boatbuilding industry in the 20th century. Those parts of the area that were not swallowed were abandoned and garden plants, especially lilac bushes, ran wild. Now the industry has moved on and the area is being reclaimed as a residential area. The old gardens at Färjenäs are being turned into a park.


Snow in Gothenburg is unusual. Snow that sticks long enough for a photo-opportunity even more so. All the pictures and film used here were made on the morning of 21st December 2009 and edited together with the music in the afternoon. All for my Adven… - See all videos
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Hello again, Ipernity! - 22 months ago

I've been away for nearly five years, but I'm trying to come back. If you want to know where I went and why, and something about what I've been doing with myself in the meantime - read on.

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Nelsa Henríquez
Nelsa Henríquez
holaaaaaaaaa, como estas? saludos

8 years ago.
Nelsa Henríquez
Nelsa Henríquez
Supercargo, gracias por tú saludo, saludos desde Chile

OVEJERÍA  ALTO    17/08/09
8 years ago.
Thank you for this beautiful greeting, Selma, and welcome to Ipernity!
8 years ago.
Selma Z.
Selma Z.
Thank your for your visits :)
Come again ;-)

Deux mois déjà

Ces petits gâteaux japonnais et ce bouquet de roses sont pour vous,

pour vous remercier de vos visites ...

je n'ai jamais reçu autant de visiteurs :)

Presque 1000 par mois, plus de 30 par jour ...

Revenez vite !

Et vos com me font toujours plaisir,

même les critiques ... elles sont constructives ;-)
8 years ago.

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