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Kirby, album created on October 20, 2011

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Surface, album created on April 18, 2011

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Texte, album created on June 29, 2010

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Tentai Kansoku - Bump of Chicken

Japanese: 天体観測 :) - See all videos
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Complaining - 7 years ago

Complaining is one of the things I like doing a lot. I have no luck, my life sucks, everything and everybody is against me - that's nice and easy to say and helps a negative view on the world. Oh, no. Not a negative world. A negative me. The world has problems, that's for sure. But I do not see the lives of others as negative as mine. The neighbours grass is always greener. Why is that so? I will have my (one of 4) final exam for university quite soon. I feel stupid, I cannot study, I…

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Dozier Brawner
Dozier Brawner
My pics updated to FLICKR

Jerry Brawner
6 years ago.
well... :D what am i doing? hmm... mainly strolling around, thanks for asking. how are you?
8 years ago.
Danke für Deinen Besuch auf meinen Seiten !
Die besten Grüsse aus der Schweiz -Zato !!
9 years ago. Edited 9 years ago.
Hallo Du,
wie ich sehe, magst Du Schafe.
Dann ist das hier vielleicht auch was für Dich:
Der Holger
10 years ago.
Ja, stimmt. Da stand was bei einer Recyclingfirma wundervoll in Brand. Ich hab echt überlegt, ob ich mir ne nette Position aussuchen soll und wild drauf los knipsen. Das Licht war nämlich toll. Aber dann wollte ich doch lieber nach Hause und was essen ;)
10 years ago.

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