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Stiletto has replied to Surendra Chaurasiya
Greetings Surenda and a real pleasure to meet with you;
visiting your pages and seeing the world through your (beautiful) eyes was a treat and I will be pleased to return. I have friends from your very special country and one day would love to visit. My Dad was there with his girlfriend a few months ago... wow!!!
8 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to dib (-;· l'home dibu…
Es un encanto comunicar contigo... =-)
Gracias ¡las que tu tienes!

La chinchilla es familia de amigos míos; mi perro tiene una relación algo especial con ella.
Tu comentario me ha recordado a un vídeo que tomé de ellos, lo tendré que buscar...

Wow ¡que guay la colección de bichillos!
Huy siiiii... el día que te de el ataque me lo dejas de saber, porfa =)

Gracias por la invitación, e encantaría volver algún día.

Un fuerte ((( abrazo )))
8 years ago.
Surendra Chaurasiya
Surendra Chaurasiya has replied to Stiletto
Great to know that :-)
Your responses are so deep thoughts, I always enjoy reading!
8 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to feldmann
Belated thanx!!
I do appreciate your visit and comment, especially when I read it as back then I wasn't really sure what I'd be doing here ~ or not! :-)
8 years ago.
Ashok Sharma
Ashok Sharma
Didn't see you for such a long time online, but now, I will be available from tomorrow see you then
8 years ago.

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