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Updated on: December 31, 2012.

i, album created on November 29, 2012

i s [ w i p ]

"L", album created on July  8, 2010


Awakening, album created on December 11, 2009

Convergence XI2k12

The sounds of the birdies that live above, around and beyond me on the mountaintops... as they feed (themselves - thankfully!) - See all videos
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. ༠ ° º ༠ ∙o༠ ∘ ⋅ 〇 - 8 years ago

Doubts doubts... Racked by question marks with jagged points that jar my being and jumble my mind
 my brain a barrage of conflicting tides colliding waves crashing shattering surf a million droplets Pearls pearls... Remain unseen
 unfound in the frenzy of foam and froth and left behind
 lustrous luminescence of scattered castaways camouflaged spheres of influence lost a billion droplets Gather gather... Together weaving thoughts bolted through seas heavin…

  • A poem...

    - December 14, 2010
    Eyrie Eléison The wind whispers through fir branches howls and wails as gusts hit glass the world veiled beyond the garden vaporous water swirls across the grass from the eyrie on the mountain valley vistas down below and white houses upon hilltops are obscured in a hazy glow so the Spirit of the mountain residing essence in rocky crests suffuses All; a cocooned cradle warming within winged beasts' nests. *♡*

  • 2009 ❥ A Year Of Mirrors

    - June 26, 2009
    'Take life one step at a time. Look to yourself - look to your inner self and see life through your own eyes and not the eyes of others. Do not be too quick to judge or condemn. Embrace the journey – feel the light that exists in your life and follow your intuitive hearts.'

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 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
dreams and love and other magical things
8 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Exiliada
Un abrazo muy fuerte, bonita...
por tu expresión

Que oigan los Angeles
tus mas bellos deseos

Un ((( abrazo )))

8 years ago.
No quería ser arrastrada a la siesta, que me está cerrando los ojillos de forma implacable, sin dejarte mi saludo y un abrazo.. Sopla Poniente fuertecillo y el calor no es aplastante; la tarde, tras la siesta, llama al paseo y al disfrute.

Y quizá en algún momento, pisemos al mismo tiempo el mismo mar.

8 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Chillimuncher
Belated thanks Chilli! C~:

He he! Good on you, that's what I like to hear ~ cheers!

Sending you a biiig ((( hug )))
9 years ago.
Happy Birthday T.. I'll celebrate your life now with a beer! ;0) Enjoy it, it's beautiful.
9 years ago.

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