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NONAM - 14 years ago

Visit NONAM, the NOrth American NAtive Museum in Zürich, Switzerland http://www.stadt-zuerich.chcontentkulturenindexins titutionennative_american_and_inuit_cultures.html Staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable

  • Burma-Myanmar

    - 05 Jan 2008
    Burma, a land with shining pagodas, friendly people, poor people and astonishing landscape. Electric-city is a luxury, the tourist sector looks deserted, the regime is oppressive, the food oily.

  • South India guide recommendation

    - 09 Oct 2007
    Anyone visiting Tamil Nadu - Madurai, Tanjore, Srirangam, ... is advised to contact The lady is a geography teacher and most recommended as a guide. You might even get invited for dinner at her place.

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