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Updated on: January  2, 2011.

Christmas 2010, album created on November 27, 2010

New festive season starting... :)

Lou de Novembre, album created on November 10, 2010

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Little Lou, album created on November  6, 2010

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Police américaine...

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Five months later... - 4 years ago

Lots of events, lots of projects, lots of news these 5 past months ! I passed my TOEIC exam, and I'm quite proud, as I obtained 970 points (on 990)... I also had the great pleasure to help in organizing ipernity first exhibition in Cannes, which was a great success, thanks to ipernity members talent. I worked on interesting projects, helped more and more customers to improve their online visibility, met lots of fascinating people working in the wonderful field of online marketing.…

About Sophie@ipernity

Place of residence: Nice, France

39 years old. Born on May 29, 1975.

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.Bon anniversaire Soiphie
3 years ago.
Laslo Kovacs
Laslo Kovacs
glittery roses

Mi deziras al vi multe da feliĉo okaze de Tago de Virinoj!
4 years ago.
bouhhouuuu..Il se passe plus rien ici....sniiiif :((
bizzz poulette
4 years ago.
Cristina Tosi
Cristina Tosi
Je te souhaite une très bonne année 2011....à toi et à toute ta belle famille!!!! gros bisous Cristina
4 years ago.
Serge Prokhorov
Serge Prokhorov
4 years ago.

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