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Updated on: December 13, 2015.

Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference 06/04/2012, album created on August 29, 2016

I won tickets to attend E3 through the XBOX Live Rewards program. This is my first time attending this conference. As a hardcore gamer, I am very excited to participate in this event and I am looking forward to the rest of my E3 experience.

National History Museum 03-17-2015, album created on March 19, 2015

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D-Con 2015, album created on November 26, 2015

D-Con 2015 was basically what we always wanted SDCC to be for toys. It was at some point but SDCC has become too expensive and it eventually priced out the artists and toy companies we follow. So D-Con is the best solution. A mostly toy only convention that has everyone we collect. Next year, Nate and I will be better prepared financially for this event. Also the pics in this set are Sunday only. We were too busy running around on Saturday to take pics.

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Moving On.. - 18 months ago

I'm sad to see that Ipernity is struggling but I have decided to go back to Flickr. I'll be deleting the albums that I have painstakingly moved here and re-inserting them back to Flickr. If you enjoy looking at my toys, you can find me there with the same sn. Good luck everyone.

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