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My 2020 The 50 Images-Project. I also have 366 one picture per day every day during a leap year 2020 going on at Instagram and at Twitter

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Updated on: July  5, 2020.
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Reasons why I like ambient music 10/10 - 7 days ago

When trying to define what is ambient music, I discovered there is actually no clear definition for it. It is easier to say what is not ambient music than to say what goes under it. When I was trying to find out bands and music going under ambient genre, I discovered plenty of surprises there. One of big the surprises, and yet rather obvious one, was to find out Pink Floyd listed as an ambient music band. But on the other hand, Pink Floyd defined my musical taste when I was a teen . I si…

  • Reasons why I like ambient music 9/10

    - June 26, 2020
    Train journey
    For me music has always represented a storyline and trip through time and space. And that is why especially ambient music works so well as a soundtrack for videos, slideshows, movies, or somewhat any kind of presentation. And that is why I give you two different train journeys. Ulrich Schnauss - Train Journey from Jackbox on YouTube Reham - This Thirst from Francois Vogel on YouTube Second one is maybe not exactly ambient music, and the song is not long e…

  • Reasons why I like ambient music 8/10

    - June 24, 2020
    Fading Glow
    Because there are so many options to listen music online, I have not much bought albums anymore. Last one I did bought as a CD, was Opalescent by Jon Hopkins . And because it has collected dust in the bookshelf, I had almost fogotten it. But lately I have rediscovered it thanks to SoundCloud and Deezer. And once again, such music gives food for the thought: Open Eye Signal - Jon Hopkins from AOIFE MCARDLE on Vimeo . Jon Hopkins - A Drifting Up from Christon…

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Tampere Jazz Happening, you are joking not knowing one of the world finest jazz festivals, we specially came along enjoying ... tamperejazz.fi .. each year in november!
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waiting for your coffee pics also here:)
have a great day
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you changed your icon:)

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