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Updated on: August 24, 2009.

Igelnachwuchs, album created on June 21, 2009

Ein paar Bilder unserer vier Tage alten Igelbabies Some pictures of our four day old hedgehog babies

2009_05_21 Climbing Gimmeldingen, album created on May 27, 2009

Some climbing pics from the quarry Gimmeldingen

2009_05_24 Climbing in Lindenberg, album created on May 27, 2009

Some climbing pics

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Made it out today! - 12 years ago

This day must became something special - i knew id before, indeed it was!   I wrote my last exam today, after some weeks of more ore less hard learning and preparation i think i can say i did pretty well... So i deserved to get out and climb, i found a really good guide, his name is Michael - we decided to climb direct after his last exam - Thursday 15:45 we started to Schriesheim :) The way up is long an steep, but its worth it! The view is really great an we had unbelivable luck with the…

  • Ill dragons & terrarium rebuild

    - April 22, 2008
    You might expect it - not many news here, the barted dragons have worms an got treated twice - i desinfected the terrarium a week ago and have to do ist again the day after tomorrow. This work is really pita get all the sand out, clean everything with a mixture of Hydrogensuperoxyde an citric acid - according to my Hand all bacteria, eggs an everything else is supposed to be dead! As you might have seen i did a lot of work to the new terrarium, hopefully they will be finished soon, but still…

  • My first blog - a quick overview of the last days

    - April 10, 2008
    Wow, what a messy flat - thats what i think right now, sitting on the sofa, looking around. But it is ok, the last days where pretty exhausting, i had to rework the terrarium of our hedgehogs - bad things happened, it got wet and started to molder. I had to replace large parts of the wood, now i hopefully did it better and we think that it now will last longer. And if that is not enough - just to transform your flat into a cabinetmakers workshop and have four hedgehogs living at about one…

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