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Updated on: August  2, 2013.

Sei Plays - extended logo and music

I was messing around with some free mixing software to try to make something for my short opening, and ended up with this. I'll cut it down for the actual opening, but hey, thought it wasn't bad for someone who doesn't know what he's doing. Don't min… - See all videos

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Leonorah Beverly Graphic Dix SL Photographer Lookatmy Back Whimsy Winx Forty McMahon Sylvan Mortensen Druuna Metall Dragon Fang Corelogik Ruina Kessel Vitani Jun Pixelchus Kreao Kuroi Kujisawa Croon Sage Owl Tintosha Ominora Squeegee °。 Jadezilla 。° Mynx Legend Sasy Scarborough Ingkeu - c( Two Cats ) Hoshi Kimono Nuuna Nitely Ehrin Wallace Empty Inkpen Miki Japonista Elizαbêţђ Šţαrşђiηê Inuoko Shikami

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I woop you!
4 years ago.
Ingkeu - c( Two Cats )
Ingkeu - c( Two Cats…
\o/ <3
4 years ago.

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