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Updated on: November  5, 2013.

2013 Mini Trips, album created on May 28, 2013

This album contains photos taken this year. I haven't been out of California this year. So, if you're looking for other states, check out my other albums. Or better yet, check out my website where you'll find more than 60,000 photos from all over the country.

Art Deco and Streamline Moderne, album created on May 24, 2013

You might want to check out my website which has LOTS more photos and information about Art Deco & Streamline Moderne buildings:

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Bye-Bye Ipernity - 3 years ago

My membership has officially lapsed here. So, if you want to see more than the 200 photos that remain here for free, you might want to check out Flickr and/or my website and blog where there are thousands and thousands of photos of buildings, signs & statues. A sampling of what's at my website: My life's work: The funkier roadside stuff that usually doesn't make it to my website:…

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