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Updated on: April 22, 2009.

Estonia, album created on April 22, 2009

Tartu and Elva

Flowers for Riese, album created on July 15, 2007

Exhibition started in September 2005. More...

Albania, May 2007, album created on June 21, 2007

This is a test with pictures taken in may, 2007

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Flowers for Riese - 14 years ago

It's a test. This website seems to be very buggy in the moment, at least for me as I am working on a Mac with Safari and Firefox. The behaviour iss strange, usage too... Nevertheless: find more of these fotos and a text about the reason of this exhibition which is lasting infinitely on my website.

  • Ok., let's have a look...

    - June 21, 2007
    ...what can be done here but can't be done in my own blog ... I t's rather colorful here, full of things I do not want to see.So it's better to stay in my clear and calm weblog,..

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 Adam *
Adam * club
Your pictures of Albania of great interest to me, as I visited the place in 1984 when it was still ruled by Enver Hoxha.
14 years ago.

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