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Updated on: May 29, 2013.

(Arrival) Mirage - Lillycat's Cerisedoll Ombre (white skin), album created on May 29, 2013

Arrival of Mirage as a white skin Ombre this time (she was a cream skin one before), it fits the character perfectly =D

Mona and Demona - Dollpire Shiloh ver.3 (white skin), album created on May 29, 2013

Our evil twins~ Descendants of the ancient Little Red Ridding Hood, who married the wolf. Venemona (aka Mona): mine (15-12-2011) Desdemona (aka Demona): Mombi's (my friend)

Riko (莉子) - Volks MSD Nagisa in Preschool, album created on May 26, 2013

Riko is my saved girl, she was shutted up in her box since 2007 ;A; So I rescued her and will show her to the whole world! ♥ She's a young girl, angry with the world, but that's what puberty do with people xD Arrival: 07-11-2011 Make Up: Sakuli Godmother♥: setsunita

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