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Updated on: March 11, 2014.

Smokreations (Smoke Art), album created on May 23, 2013

I discovered smoke photography from some photography book I was reading and decided to give it a go. For some reason, I became highly addicted to it (perhaps the fumes?) and have become most known for it, even though I do other kinds of photography. I will be picking some of my favorites to upload to ipernity.

Architecture and Statues, album created on July  8, 2013

Anything with a primary focus on a structure that was built by man

Black & White and Infrared, album created on July 14, 2013

A collection of my B&W and Infrared shots.

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All About Smoke Art - Part 3 (Smoke Wheels/Rings) - 4 years ago

Early in my explorations with smoke art, I learned that some people were creating a form of smoke art called a smoke wheel or smoke ring. These are essentially a circular, mandala-style arrangement of a smoke photo in a circular pattern. This process can produce some interesting results. I had created one of these by accident (and a great deal of difficulty) uploaded here as "Night Spinner," but I learned from others (thanks to Jane In Colour and skyeboatsong) a more effective way of doing them…

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Andrew Coe
Andrew Coe
Finally set up a account on here. Followed your work on flickr and I have learnt a lot from the tutorials over on Flickr about smoke art. Thanks for the help.
2 years ago.
David Sidwell
David Sidwell
Saw your display in The Telegraph (I think it was that newspaper). Excellent! Glad to see you getting the recognition your work deserves.
3 years ago.
Happy New Year☺
Peace to us All
3 years ago.
Lorna Mchardy
Lorna Mchardy
Love your work and looking forward to more of it next year.
A very happy christmas and new year to you and yours!
3 years ago.
Deborah S-C
Deborah S-C
I came across your Photostream via Old Pros ( Photos Without People)
and absolutely love your work!
4 years ago.

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