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Updated on: August  4, 2013.

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Teacher Lyfe, yo! - 4 years ago

So, I am going on vacation on the 10th. AS WE ALL KNOW BY NOW. (Sorry, I never go on vacations, I am excite). That means I leave work one week early though (which I can, due to saved up vacation days). Now, the thing is, I have to give my music class a summer assignment. And I have to give it to them early. I went with giving them the option between two tasks. Song: 21 Guns from the musical American Idiot (not the original Green Day version, the cast + orchestra version). Task 1: Analyz…

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Sei Minuet
Sei Minuet
And lol Chuper Trooper xD
4 years ago.
Sei Minuet
Sei Minuet
Woop you too!
4 years ago.
Ingkeu - c( Two Cats )
Ingkeu - c( Two Cats…
Yay~ welcome :D
4 years ago.

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