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Updated on: August 24, 2015.

Cassie the Wonderdog, album created on May 24, 2013

Rest in Peace April 2000-April 11, 2014

Shades of Winter, album created on July  2, 2013

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Oklahoma, album created on July  2, 2013

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma City along with other interesting finds in the state of Oklahoma.

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Props - 5 years ago

Do you have a favorite prop or theme? I have many props but Edward, from the Twilight movies, is one I take out on photo expeditions when I'm looking to rejuvenate my creativity. He may accompany me on a trip next week along with my Yoda crochet doll.

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Bonnie Underwood
Bonnie Underwood
We're not 50 yet! ;-)
5 years ago.

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