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Things Greek, album created on November 13, 2009

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Thuis, album created on February 13, 2009

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Aesop, Fable -033

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"Iliad", rhapsody-01, intro - 8 years ago


  • gold is magnetic

    - October 30, 2011
    Gold is a magnetic metal. The gretest & characteristic difference is the material it attracts. This is only flesh, against the other kinds that attract iron. ὁ χρυσὸς ἕλκει κυρίως κρέας, σὲ ἀντίθεσιν μὲ ἄλλα μαγνητικὰ μέταλλα/πετρώματα ποὺ ἕλκουν κυρίως τὸν σίδηρον...

  • Ζορρωαστρισμός

    - October  8, 2011
    Ἔχω τὴν ἐντύπωσι πὼς ὅταν ὁ Ζορρώ ἔφαγε μία κατακέφαλα, βλέπων ἀστεράκια ἄρχισε νὰ τραβλίζῃ κάτι ἀκατανόητα. Αὐτή ἦτο ἡ γέννησις τοῦ Ζορρωαστρισμοῦ.

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