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PepperJack's turmoil...™
PepperJack's turmoil… has replied to meerkatz007
If it helps, I got a message (ipermail) from "onepilgrim"...stating...
Hover over the picture of your on the arrow and click on add to network.
This will give you notifications of new posts by them.
You can also do it the old fashioned way...use ipermail to invite individuals.
You can send ipermail by the same method...hover over friend's ipermail...
4 years ago.
PepperJack's turmoil...™
PepperJack's turmoil…
How are we supposed to "invite" friends who are already members of this site? I'm not one to throw my email addy out for grabs! SPAM...No thank you!
5 years ago.

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