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Low (or lower contrast) - 12 years ago

It seems to me that a lot of people shooting digital either go for default high contrast that the default camera settings produce or add more contrast later in postprocessing. Most of the postprocessing advice out there seems to suggest that we should always "whack" the levels until we get the histogram which is covering the entire available dynamic range. I have been frequently doing the same thing myself. Lately I am starting to think that high contrast is not suitable for everything I shoot a…

  • My point of view

    - July 31, 2007
    For me, the basic component of a photograph is light. If light doesn't work, all other components (composition, subject, expression, tone, colour, moment, movement) lose impact. Extraordinary light, on the other hand, can make the most mundane subjects special and, for the lack of a better word, unexpected. I appreciate photographs which go beyond abilities of my ocular sensory system to perceive the world, and present it to me in a way I couldn't see it otherwise. I love visual puns…

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 Adrián Caldera
Adrián Caldera
Hola PedjaP, agradezco tu visita y tus votos, thanks for your visit and votes, very kind from you.
12 years ago.
 Armin Fuchs
Armin Fuchs
light, mood, composition ...:
fantastic pictures with a lot of "essence" behind ...
I'm coming back soon!
12 years ago.
 Siegfried Vogel
Siegfried Vogel
I won't be able to outplay du Tabac's comment, but you show wonderful b&w photography.
12 years ago.

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