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Holiday on Ice, album created on December  5, 2015

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Time Lapse From Look Rock

Time Lapse my wife took looking down the valley. For you Pam! - See all videos
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Camera Reviews and Trolls - 3 years ago

Like everybody else on here I enjoy taking photos and sharing them. I also enjoy reading about photography and keeping up with the latest photography tech. I shoot with Canon cameras and prefer them mainly because that's what I'm familiar with and all my lenses are Canon. Does that mean I'm a Canon "fanboy" that hates all other brands? NO!!! Not at all. I own cameras from Nikon, Fujifilm and Minolta as well. I think all the major brands make great cameras. Each brand and model have stron…

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Mr. Low Notes
Mr. Low Notes
Glad to see ipernity has survived. I'm trying to catch up on posting photos on here and Flickr. I will add descriptions and put into groups later. I just want to get some more photos up for now. Usually I like to write something about the photo. I've never cared for viewing photos with only a photo number like, IMG_12345, and nothing else. So bear with me. ;-)
15 months ago.
Mr. Low Notes
Mr. Low Notes
I hate to see ipernity going away. I'm still on Flickr so please follow me there.

ipernity was a nice alternative to Flickr and I'll miss it. I have no great love for Flickr but it's ok. I do regret that I haven't upload nearly enough photos on here. Or Flickr lately either for that matter. Lack of time is part of that. I like to post process my photos in Lightroom, title, tag them and add a description when I post them. That takes time. More time than taking the photos in the first place and that is where the lack of time comes in. I have never cared for people who just post photos with no description. Just a number. Why bother. The story is a big part of sharing as far as I'm concerned.

You can contact me via Flickrmail or at when ipernity is gone. I will be here until the end. Who knows, it might not happen.


23 months ago.
Mr. Low Notes
Mr. Low Notes
Finally making some time to upload some photos. First up is a good friend of mine's band The Industrial Hippies. Next up will be the band I'm in The Unnamed Blues. After that KJB. A band I took photos for tonight. Then I still have more planes and plenty of other photos I need to catch up on. :-)
2 years ago.
Mr. Low Notes
Mr. Low Notes
Thank you Pam!!!!
2 years ago.
Pam J
Pam J

(Its also Burn's Night !)
2 years ago.

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